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Online Casino Bonuses in Australia

bonuses australia

There are many things that attract people to online gambling. For some players, it goes about the thrill of betting, while others admire the opportunity to win some great money. However, there is a certain thing that all online casino enthusiasts admire.

It goes about attractive bonuses that dramatically increase your wins. So, if you’re into some profits from online gambling, make sure to pay more attention to bonuses. In this material, we will clearly explain the topic. After reading it, you will understand various types of bonuses and understand which of them fit you better.

We hope that this material will be useful to you!

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Top Casino With Best Bonuses in 2022

Casino Rating Welcome Bonus Score Casino Site
6 votes
100% up to $300
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $300
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Bizzo Casino
9 votes
100% up to $100
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $100
Get Bonus Visit Casino
8 votes
100% up to $100
Welcome Bonus
100% up to $100
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Spin Samurai
9 votes
$2000 + 100 FS
Welcome Bonus
$2000 + 100 FS
Get Bonus Visit Casino
5 votes
Welcome Bonus
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Casino Rocket
6 votes
$1500 + 150FS
Welcome Bonus
$1500 + 150FS
Get Bonus Visit Casino
6 votes
A$150+100 FS
Welcome Bonus
A$150+100 FS
Get Bonus Visit Casino
Tangiers Casino
6 votes
750% up to A$1500
Welcome Bonus
750% up to A$1500
Get Bonus Visit Casino
King Billy
6 votes
$1300 + 200 FS
Welcome Bonus
$1300 + 200 FS
Get Bonus Visit Casino

What are Online Casino Bonuses?

Basically, online casino bonuses are prizes issued by the casinos to their clients. Usually, it goes about some material benefits or favourable conditions that give you better chances to raise some money while gambling. But why do online gambling platforms give bonuses to their clients? Well, first of all, it is a tried and trusted way for them to stand out. Surely, all (or almost all) gambling platforms provide their clients with attractive lists of bonuses and promotions. So, a casino manager should not think that his $20 no deposit bonus would be something extremely attractive to the demanding audience. However, the number of bonuses, their accessibility, diversity, and progressive features are the factors that allow casinos to develop truly unique bonus systems. Surely, such systems easily become their main selling points. Bonuses also allow casinos to become more attractive to their target audience. For example, if a specific site is focused on attracting a new audience, an impressive welcome bonus will become a perfect solution.

How to Choose the Best Casino Bonus?

Choosing the right online casino bonus is vital for your gambling satisfaction. There may be a situation in which you just claim the wrong bonus or choose the wrong casino. Most probably, this will leave you disappointed with your gambling experience. So, here are the most important factors on which you should focus if you really want to choose the best casino bonus.

Bonus requirements

Sometimes, you should fulfil specific requirements to claim a bonus. Make sure to research such requirements before you go for a bonus. If the bonus sets too high demands on the player, it may be not worth your effort.


Wagering is the number by which you should play or multiply your bonus to get an opportunity to withdraw it. Wagering requirements may differ from bonus to bonus and from casino to casino. If the bonus is really sufficient, the wagering demand may be higher than 30x. Fortunately, bonuses that don’t require any wagering also exist.

Player reviews

Make sure to find the best casinos with the most certain bonuses and promotions for your play. In this case, player reviews will come in handy. They will help you understand whether your chosen gambling platform and its bonuses are trustworthy.


Make sure to check whether your chosen casino has all the required gambling licenses. If you deal with a suspicious casino and are not secure about its legitimacy, you may have serious issues with claiming your bonus.

Payment methods

Credible payment methods are your guarantee that you will be able to withdraw your bonus money. If payment methods don’t fit you at all, we recommend you focus on other online gambling websites.

If these tips are still not enough for you, make sure to read more of our materials. Our expert team will help you find the most credible online gambling platforms that provide the best bonuses in the industry.

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Types of Bonuses in Online Casino

Welcome Bonus
Free Spins Bonus
Deposit Bonus
Vip Program
No Deposit Bonus
Daily, Weekly and Monthly Bonuses
Reload Bonus

Although there is a great diversity of online casino bonuses, some promotions are more common than others. Make sure to get familiar with the most common ones to choose the most relevant promotions more efficiently. Here you can find information on the most common types of bonuses you can find in Australian online casinos. Mind that these types may still differ dramatically. Much depends on the casino, the level of players, and the time they have spent on the online gambling website. So, get prepared to read a comprehensive overview of various online casino bonus types provided by our most experienced experts.

Welcome Bonus

It s is one of the most popular and the best casino bonuses. Its main purpose is to attract new players to the gambling platform. You may claim a welcome bonus once you sign up for the casino. Usually, it goes about registering your credit card and making your first deposit. There’s a great diversity of welcome bonuses, as they may range from $30 to more than $1500. Surely, there are many specific conditions that affect these bonuses. In this case, it goes about the additional sign-up requirement or specific demands of the deposit. Mind that there are some bonus limitations that set barriers to the amount of money you can raise with a welcome bonus. Another important factor to consider is the bonus rate. It is a specific rate for taxing your bonus wins. Usually, you may specify all such factors in an additional bonus description on the casino website.

Free Spin Bonuses

Most online casino ads present free spins as one of their main selling points. What are these bonuses? Well, first of all, free spins apply only to slot games. As you probably know, the key point about such games is to spin the reels and get winning lines giving you a prize. Free spins allow you to spin the wheel a specific number of times without placing any bet. Surely, free spin bonuses have different requirements. They may be issued as welcome bonuses, as promotions for deposits, or as prizes for a specific measurable achievement of an experienced player. Mind that such bonuses may be associated with wagering requirements. This means multiplying your bonus wins by a specified number. A good thing is that some free spin bonuses don’t require any wagering. Another important thing to know about such bonuses is that their size may differ. In some cases, you may win no more than 10 free spins, while in others, it goes about 100+ free spins.

No Deposit Bonuses

It is one more type of casino bonus that is extremely popular. The most valuable thing that distinguishes no deposit bonuses from typical deposit bonuses is the fact that you shouldn’t place any deposit to claim such a bonus. This means that you have an opportunity to win $20, $50, or even $100 without even spending your money. However, don’t think that you can just claim your welcome bonus and go away without even playing the game. Such prizes always go with specific wagering requirements.

Cash Match Bonus

It is one of the most attractive online casino bonuses. This prize is all about placing the right amount of money as your gambling account deposit. Once you place a deposit, your bankroll may double, which significantly increases your chances of winning big. The bad news is that a cash match bonus is impossible without placing the required amount of money as a deposit. If you’re really interested in such bonuses, make sure to specify their requirements on the casino website. We just recommend you to focus on cash match bonuses because they bring some of the highest chances of raising a truly remarkable sum of money.

VIP Programs and High-Roller Bonuses

Online casinos cherish their loyal clients. Therefore, they provide them with the most attractive bonuses and promotions. It goes about loyalty programs and prizes allowing to get a significant amount of money. There are many demands you should meet to participate in a VIP program and get a high roller bonus. In most cases, it goes about time spent on the website, specific achievements, and the required number of high-roller bets. Mind that, usually, you should play big to get your VIP program participation or high-roller bonus. But, for sure, such bonuses are well worth it. You may win a remarkable sum of money or get something like a sandwich spin. What do all these things mean? For sure, it goes about the most favourable conditions for raising money!

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are usually rarer than all of the above-mentioned bonuses. However, they allow the most devoted players to raise significant funds. How do these bonuses? First of all, you should deposit your funds into the account marked as reloading. As a result, you will be able to claim the percentage of these funds as a bonus. These bonuses may reach up to 150%, which means that you may instantly become rich after a successful deposit. Another important thing about this bonus is that it increases the amount you should play in the casino. In general, this prize is a perfect way to raise significant funds with your chosen gambling website. The key point is to be loyal to a specific casino and achieve the status of a player with a reloading account.

Cashback Bonuses

As you probably know, many digital banks offer their clients a cashback option. It means that some money from the amounts they spend returns to such users. It may be quite surprising, but cashback is also available to people who go in for online gambling. A cashback bonus allows you, as a client of a popular Australian online casino, to return some part of the money you lose. There may be different conditions for getting this bonus. Usually, it goes about some experience with the casino or a sum of a deposit. The key point is that cashback bonuses are rather rare. However, if you manage to receive such a promotion, you’re one of the lucky ones. In many cases, such a promotion reduces your losses dramatically. This means that there will be no reverses after your winning streaks. Mind that the amount of cashback and the impact of the bonus completely depend on its specific rules.

Refer Friends Bonus

As online gambling platforms want to expand their customer base, they start introducing referral bonuses. How does such a prize work? First of all, you should find a friend who may be interested in online digital gambling. Once you have found one, make sure to recommend a casino to him or her. While creating a casino account, this person will indicate your referral bonus code or just mention that you have impacted his or her choice. As a result, the website’s administration will know that this new player is “your guy.” After that, they will send you a confirmation so that you will know that your bonus has been activated. What are these bonuses? Well, such prizes may differ dramatically. For example, it may go about an additional sum to your deposit, an attractive cashback, free spins, etc.


These are also very popular bonuses that you may receive upon meeting specific casino demands. In most cases, it goes about weekly or monthly bonuses that you receive on a regular basis. How can you get such promotions? In most cases, it goes about being the casino’s client for some time. You may also get a promotion after placing a nice deposit. There are even some online gambling platforms that offer promotions like welcome bonuses. Usually, prizes associated with promotions are not too big, but their regularity is what makes them truly attractive.

How to Claim Casino Bonuses?

Now that you know much about the diversity of casino bonuses, let’s find out what you should specifically do to get a prize from an online gambling platform.

Choose your favorite casino

Make sure to research the market thoroughly before you go for wins and bonuses with a specific casino. Find out the casino that you like the most and review its bonuses. If you are sure of its credibility and quality, as well as attracted by its bonuses, feel free to choose it.

Check the availability of bonuses or promotions in your online casino

The next essential step is to research whether your chosen casino provides any bonuses or promotions. Most probably, there are such offers, but are they attractive enough? Thoroughly research the list of bonuses and promotions to understand whether they fit you. If everything about this point is good for you, you may proceed with the next step.

Check the conditions for receiving bonuses

To claim a casino bonus, you have to fulfil particular conditions. Make sure to check those conditions in the bonus description. Whether it goes about placing the required amount of money as your deposit, spending enough time as a client of an online casino, or achieving any other goal specified by the casino, this step is absolutely vital for those who want to claim a bonus.

Select a bonus

Once you have researched everything, you may check on a bonus you would like to receive. Go for it! Fulfill the casino’s demands, receive a bonus code from the casino, and get prepared for receiving your money.

Place a bet

One of the most valuable things about receiving many bonuses is that you, actually, should place bets. Sometimes, it’s required for wagering, while there are also cases in which you cannot fulfil casino demands without placing a bet. So, don’t hesitate. Go for your money and be prepared to receive an additional prize as a bonus.

What are Casino Bonus Codes?

A bonus code is when a casino gives you an opportunity to get any bonus that you have received in the past. The key point is to get a specific code and enter it in the casino’s field for the bonus code. After you enter this combination of symbols, magic happens. You receive the most remarkable bonuses and go away with solid money. Surely, any bonus code has its conditions. Usually, casinos offer bonus codes as promotions to the most devoted players. In addition, there’s a great diversity of websites that provide information on bonus codes. Here you can find bonus codes for almost all Australian casinos. Mind that not all of these codes are, actually, valid. This means that it is always better to receive a casino bonus code from a casino in which you expect to use it. Otherwise, you may encounter unpleasant surprises with outdated bonuses or even fake bonus codes.

Terms of Receiving Bonuses in Online Casinos

As you may understand from previous subchapters, all bonuses have their conditions. Make sure to fulfil them in order to claim any bonus. In most cases, you can find information on such bonus conditions on the website of your chosen online casino. If the online gambling platform doesn’t provide such data, we recommend you to avoid it and its bonuses. The lack of clarity and transparency is always very suspicious, especially when it comes to digital gambling.

Fortunately, the most reliable casino websites supply their bonus lists with detailed guides on what you should do to claim your prize. Usually, it goes about such steps as placing a deposit by a specific deadline. In many cases, it goes about the size of your deposit. Also, mind that some exceptional bonuses are issued to the most loyal and experienced clients of an online gambling platform. Anyway, the diversity of bonuses and their conditions is remarkable, so don’t be surprised if you find something really unique. Make sure to ask us for help if you want to understand these codes better.

Wagering Requirements

Some people think that they can go away with their money once they have claimed their bonus. Well, it works in some cases. After all, some no deposit bonuses, free spin bonuses, and other prizes don’t have any wagering requirements.

However, you should be aware of wagering. This means that you should multiply your bonus by a specified number or play the required number of rounds with it. Wagering conditions may be very different. In many cases, it goes about multiplying your win by around 30. This means that if your bonus is $10, you will not be able to withdraw it before you reach $300 with your bets on this prize. Once you have reached this milestone, we may congratulate you: feel free to go away with all that prize.

Where can you find the information on wagering requirements? Most casinos provide it in the description of a bonus. Make sure to check these notes as thoroughly as it is possible. There are many situations in which gamblers are extremely surprised when they, for some reason, can’t go away with their money. It turns out that these guys have just failed to check out the detailed bonus conditions or descriptions. Such stories also contribute to popular legends about unfair casinos.

In reality, all you should do to avoid such troubles is to review bonus terms and conditions as thoroughly as it is possible. There’s, actually, nothing challenging about it. You have to be attentive to detail and specific in your calculations.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Casino Bonuses

It may seem that casino bonuses are just perfect ways to raise money without any drawbacks. However, actually, there are many advantages and disadvantages of these online gambling features. Let’s overview them.


Let’s start with the greatest advantages of these prizes provided by online gambling platforms.

  • Receiving bonuses will increase your capital – Most casino bonuses are focused on increasing your capital. It is a great reason to go for such prizes. After all, you may get additional money to your budget or win much more with free spins. Anyway, the more money you raise in an online casino, the better.
  • Some bonus bets can be received free – Mind that there are also no deposit bonuses, as well as some other promotions that you can receive for free. These prizes mean that you can raise significant money without even taking the risk of losing something. Surely, not all bonuses are free. However, some of the most attractive ones, actually, don’t require you to pay anything.
  • You can play new games with the help of bonuses – Also, many bonuses apply only to specific games that you may just ignore. Once you try to claim a bonus, you play this new game and get a chance to find your new favourite. Anyway, this will make your online gambling experience much brighter.
  • You get access to something exclusive – Some bonuses provide you with access to the most exclusive games and gambling features. This means greater diversity and perfect opportunities for getting fresh gambling emotions.
  • Bonuses secure your budget – In this case, everything is very simple. Cashback bonuses, free spins, no deposit bonuses, and many other promotions allow you to play more while not losing your own money.


Mind that online gambling bonuses also have their disadvantages. Here are they:

  • The size of the bonus often depends on the amount you deposit – Sometimes, you should place a really huge deposit to get a substantial bonus. This means that you will not get any attractive prizes without spending a solid amount of money.
  • You should meet certain conditions to receive a bonus – We have already bonus conditions a few times in this article. Well, how about doing it one more time? So, to earn your casino prize, you must meet a specified demand related to it. It may go about placing an appropriate online casino deposit or about spending enough time as a client at a particular gambling platform. Anyway, in many cases, these conditions are rather strict. They may also be challenging. If you’re not into challenges, but you desperately want to claim a bonus code, such an approach may spoil your experience drastically.
  • Wagering requirements – One more challenging point about online casino bonuses. You should wager your bonus in order to get an opportunity to claim it. It goes about multiplying it by a specified number. For sure, wagering may be very challenging. At least, you should show much patience and spend much time raising your deposit. There is also a risk of losing your bonus. So, one more time, if you’re not into challenges, wagering requirements may drastically spoil your experience with a bonus.


  • What are casino bonuses?
    These are extra money or extra rounds that online casinos give to their players. Such prizes help casinos attract more users and make them loyal. Meanwhile, gamblers receive much better chances to get substantial wins from their gambling experience.

  • How does a casino bonus work?
    You should create a casino account and make a deposit on it, except for the cases when it goes about no deposit bonuses. After this, you should fulfill particular bonus requirements. Once you manage to do it, the prize is credited to your account and you can use it.

  • What is a welcome bonus?
    It is a bonus provided to a new user once he or she registers at the casino. Its goal is to attract more newbies to a casino website. Once you receive a welcome bonus, you get access to other bonuses, such as no deposits, free spins, and many more.

  • What is a wagering requirement?
    This is a certain number of times you need to play or multiply your bonus before you get an opportunity to withdraw it. If you cannot meet the wagering requirements, you will not receive any benefit from the bonus.